Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buck Run Pottery

grapevine bowl
Buck Run Pottery is Functional and Decorative pottery produced collaboratively by Don and Lee Jackson in southwestern Arkansas. The Jacksons create a full range of functional items from stoneware clay and fire using the oxidation method. 

All items are glazed with food safe formulas and fired so as to produce a durable item safe for every day use in microwave, dishwasher and oven.

asparagus served in a handmade tray
I connected with Lee through the etsy mud team and learned that she has a serious connection between her food and pottery.  I learned that the Jacksons are a rural family that raise as much of their own food as possible. They have a dairy goat herd of 24, a barn full of rabbits, gardens and an orchard, plus their pottery business.  

"We do functional ware and grow most of our own food so the two are intertwined at all times."  

Supper in One Pot baking dish
At the end of a busy day, they are often out of energy for food prep. They use their Supper In One Pot baking dish to solve this dilemma. This 16 inch wide dish with domed lid will hold a whole chicken or rabbit plus veggies and rice or noodles. 

Lee's Recipe:

"I pour long grain brown rice in the bottom using just enough to cover the bottom well and add enough water to cover the rice to a depth of one inch. You can then lay in onions and garlic and baby carrots or whatever is ready for harvest and for this meal I then added a well herbed rib roast of goat on top so that the flavorful seasoned broth runs over the veggies and soaks into the rice for a savory easy meal. After tossing this in the oven for 90 mins you can just turn it off until ready to serve and it will be hot and tender quite some time later. This pot is effective for many one dish meals and has been the answer to our desire to eat well at the end of our always busy days."

Find out more about Buck Run Pottery by visiting their etsy shop and their facebook page


  1. Thanks Lee for letting me feature you on my blog! Your work is beautiful and the connection between food and pottery is undeniable!

  2. Thank you Lisa for featuring our work and doing such a nice write up for your blog. We appreciate being part of your push for awareness of the connection between food and pottery! Something on the 'back burner' which is very exciting and stimulating here at the studio is a request for custom serving pieces for a tiny French eatery in Louisiana . Still in the planning stages and I will get back to you with the results! Thanks~Lee

  3. We are collectors of the wonderful pottry by Lee and Don Jackson,. Yes, it is functional, but also beautiful...we LOVE it!!
    Bonnie Jones

  4. Lee, I had friends from Florida, Jonni and Marvin Tindoll here for a few days. They saw all of your and Don's beautiful pottery I have bought at the Craft Fair over the years here in Hot Springs. I am giving her your website through Etsy so she can maybe order something. They are on a month-long motorcycle trip so it might be a while. I had already given your business card to someone else. Hope to see you in Oct. Charlie Burns another Foreman girl


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