Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - what to bring?

Memorial Day Weekend in New England means jumping in the car and heading to the beach. That's what I plan to do because I hear the weather is going to clear up and be beautiful...yeah!
Votive with leaf decoration. (Dedham Square Artist Guild).
 Arriving with a hostess gift is a great way to make a good impression.  Whether it is family or friend, my colorful votives make a nice affordable gift.  Stop by the Dedham Guild to see the other colors.

Candles aglow in wheel thrown hand stamped and decorated votives.
Food and Pottery Connection:
Easy-Peasy for a weekend of fun in the sun New England style

Make this:
Shrimp Salad
Heart of the Home Cookbook by Susan Branch (Notes from a Vineyard Kitchen)

Large size cooked shrimp, chopped
Fresh Pink grapefruit sections
orange juice

Put an equal amount of chopped shrimp, cubed avocado and pink grapefruit sections into a (handmade) bowl.  Dress with a little mayonnaise sweetened and thinned with orange juice. 

Serve Chilled In this:
wheel thrown hand trimmed bowl in dark green/blue glossy glaze
If you really had a nice time, wash the bowl and leave it for your host... I'm sure you'll be invited again.

One of a kind dark green/blue glossy bowl is available at the Dedham Square Artist Guild at 553 High Street in Dedham, MA.

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