Tuesday, August 23, 2011

community outreach

I've always looked for ways to involve myself in my community.  The definition of "my community" changes based on where my interests lie.  This week, on behalf of Potters Place, the not for profit pottery school and cooperative studio that I am a long standing member of, I am fulfilling the mission to spread our love of pottery to neighboring communities.

Today, I will be reaching out to the community of Dover by means of doing a wheel throwing demonstration.  Dover is where I am a member of the Powessit CSA.  They have embraced the community spirit and encouraged workshops and selling by Potters Place members.  I look forward to spending a few hours there engaging with members and their families around the pottery wheel. I'm planning to demonstrate "throwing off the hump" where I can make a group of small bowls from one larger ball of clay. 

On Wednesday, I'm heading over to nearby Dedham.  There is a farmers market in the square that features members from the outlying communities. Demonstrating wheel throwing again, this will be a different experience. I've decided to demonstrate a couple of different forms like a spoonrest, bowl, tumbler. I'll be talking about classes and workshops, membership and sales at the Dedham Farmers Market. Perhaps I can interest some neighbors to come "play with clay".

As creative people, artists have many gifts to share.  Potters create functional wares to sell, teach students a craft, and, plant seeds that will guarantee future generations of potters. Too often, the need to earn overshadows the gifts we can share without monetary value.  A community of potters can do great things!  Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck at both!

    I love participating in our local farmer's markets.

  2. Love this. Working as a potter in a home studio is a solitary adventure. I love sharing the wonders of clay when I get the opportunity...maybe I'll need to look beyond my own backyard! thank you.


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