Thursday, October 6, 2011


 I was out for a walk yesterday morning when I came upon a party of wild turkeys.  They started following me down the road.  I find myself both fascinated and fearful of these gobbling birds. I had to take a few photos and then I quickly made my escape...

I have been very busy getting ready for my studio, Potters Place fall show and sale.  There are just 2 weeks left to have all our bisque ware dried for firing... a difficult prospect when it keeps raining, and raining, and raining. 

The theme of this year's show is "Festive Feasts" and takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving on November 18, 19 and 20.  I'll be alternating my blog entries between writing about my own work for show, and, talking about my fellow Potters Place artisans in the weeks leading up to Show.

But before then, I'll be selling at Powessit Farm Stand next Tuesday, October 11th from 1:30-6:30 pm in Dover.  This will be the final sale during the regular distribution season.  Hope to see you then and if not, mark your calendars for Potters Place Open Studios in November.

A "Festive Feasts" Platter

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