Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So much of the inspiration for my pottery comes from the local food that I eat as a result of being a member of a local CSA.  That inspiration comes from not only the way that I use the food in recipies, but also the actual food itself.  Take for example these two tone bowls.

I am spellbound by a summer squash that is green, yellow, green ... It is a special type called Zephyr Squash.  It is a hybrid of a crookneck squash and a delicata squash.  Use it the same way you would any summer squash (It's just prettier). They are the inspiration for my beautiful two tone bowls.

I'm working on this bunny bowl; it is in the first stage (greenware). It has been wheel thrown, hand trimmed and painted with underglaze paints.  Once it is dry, It will be fired in a kiln, then glazed and fired in another kiln. It will look different in the final state.   

The inspiration for this bowl comes from a couple of sources:

1. Someone asked to make a bunny bowl like I made last year, so I combed my sketch books and found a photo. My painted pieces are always original, so I experimented....

2. Fresh carrots from the CSA.  Tops have been cut off, but I remember what they look like: all green and curly. 

3. The dedham pottery dishes we use daily to eat on.

4. The shape of the form.  I'm inspired to paint on many  surfaces of my bowls. Painting the bottom of a bowl means that when you are finished eating and are in the process of washing up, you turn it over and the bowl rewards you with yet another gift.  

Tuesday is distribution day at Powessit.  I know there are many delicious veggies and fresh flowers awaiting. The farm stand is open from 1:30-6:30 and I'll be selling my pottery too.  Food and Pottery; each are inspirational!

See you in the barn on Tuesday, July 19th....

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