Thursday, July 14, 2011

Willow Avenue Pottery

Becky makes all the stoneware pots of Willow Avenue Pottery. She and her husband live in Panora, Iowa, where they raise chickens and ducks, have beehives, and, belong to a CSA called "Small Potatoes"."

"Taking a ball of clay and turning it into a functional piece of art has always been the alluring aspect of ceramics to me.  I enjoy that there are an endless variety of techniques, materials, and firing methods." says Becky of Willow Avenue Pottery

When asked about her relationship between food and pottery, she sent me this recipe.  The ingredients were fresh in her refrigerator!

Becky's Killer Salad
a mix of lettuce, hard boiled eggs, soy nuts, two kinds of shredded cheese (both local, from the farmers market), croutons, and a handful of 'trail mix' which is a bunch of dried fruits/nuts, and some parm-cheese yogurt dressing.

She recommends any of her dent bowls.  They would be great for salads.

At every point in her life, clay has been an outlet for her creativity. In middle school, she started using the wheel.  Since then, Becky has looked for a way to make pots whenever she can. 

"My pottery is one of a kind. It is made for every day enjoyment." 

For more information on Willow Ave Pottery, check out Becky's blog, website, facebook and Etsy store




  1. love the simplicity of her pottery

  2. Thanks Becky for letting me feature you on my food and pottery blog! Good luck at the Iowa State Fair. Best, Lisa


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