Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Handmade Community

The Potters Place potters will gather this weekend at a member's home to celebrate the holiday season.  In the cooperative nature that we are so accustom to, we will each bring something to share.  I imagine the food will all be served on favorite pieces of member pottery.  We will toast in handmade vessels to the year past and the one ahead.  There will be a Gift Swap where we each hope for the best pottery-like gift (stamps, tools, molds...).  There will be ideas swapped, stories shared, and a merry time had by all.  

Ingredients needed:

1. group of potters
no not those kind of potters
these kinds of potters

2. pot luck food

3. served in pottery made by hand

4. gift to swap
5. good cheer!

Learn more about the community of Potters Place by checking out our website: www.pottersplace.info

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