Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a Handmade Holiday!

Last week, I was asked for a special order.  How I wish I could have managed to create something that fast, but then again .... maybe not.  Handmade is not ready made and isn't that one of things that makes buying handmade so much more special?  The hand of an artist can take longer than one might expect.  Let's talk clay... 

First there is the idea, the brainstorm, the plan of attack ...

then weighing, wedging and working on the wheel.

Wait ... wait... wait until leather hard.  Then trim.

Wait...wait... wait til completely dry. Fire in a bisque kiln. Test glaze combination ideas.

Glaze bisqueware. Fire glaze kiln. Sand unglazed areas to avoid tabletop scratches.
Price work. Photograph work.

Package and take to gallery to connect with customers who share your vision, enjoy your work and understand your product.

A collection of handmade pottery takes 4-6 weeks to create from start to finish... if all goes well.  

Purchasing a piece of handmade pottery goes hand in hand with a feeling of pride in knowing that someone (the artist) has created and cared for this piece, made choices along the way that culminated in transferring from maker to user.

My winter inspired collection pictured above was conceived in early November and delivered to the Dedham Square Artist Guild in mid December.  Take a drive over and have a look; they're open all week!  Perhaps it will end up on your table for the holidays... that's the food and pottery connection.

From my studio to your home, may you enjoy a very merry handmade holiday!

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